F1 Season 2005 – 2006 Ended

Another great F1 season ended after several shifts in positions.
Finally Fernando Alonso became the world champion for the second consequent time.
Felippe Massa had a great race yesterday at Interlagos which earned him the 1st place at the podium, winning at home.
It was since Ayrton Senna’s win in 1993 at Interlagos that a Brazilian stood at the highest place on the podium.
The reace in rough lines was very exciting with major changes in the first places, Michael Schumacher struggling to get to the first place, but facing problems, Fernando Alonso having a great day, Kimi Raikkonen losing some places from 2nd to 5th, Jenson Button climbing from 14th place at the starting grid to the 3rd place, but best of all Felippe Massa having a great weekend starting at the pole position ang holding his place untill the end of the race like a real champion.
Thanks guys for a great race and a great season. I hope next year will be even better.
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